Earning Their Stripes Softie

Wendi Gratz
Final size:
Mama 23cm (9in); baby 15cm (6in) tall
USD $11.37
USD $11.37
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Usually Zebras belong on the African plains. Wendi Gratz thought they deserved a holiday, complete with haute couture frocks and coiffed manes. Now, they're ready to kick up their hoofs in this Earning Their Stripes Softie pattern. These softies are entirely hand stitched using two strands of embroidery cotton.

  • Full materials list included in instructions
  • Detailed step-by-step instructions, colour photographs and clear diagrams take you through the each step of this softie pattern.
  • Pattern sheet is included with templates for all of the body and garment shapes, ready for tracing.
  • You could use a variety of fabrics for the Zebra's garments or make more than one to mix and match!
  • Stitches used: Backstitch, chain stitch, whipstitch.
  • To form flat bases on the hooves and weight them so the zebras can stand, Wendi likes to use coins or nuts from the hardware store.
  • Haemostats are terrific tools for stuffing small parts. They have a long skinny nose that clamps shut over a wad of filling to help you get it into the tiniest spots.
  • This project is recommended for an intermediate crafter who would like to extend their softie making skills.