Robyn Hicks

How would you describe your particular crochet style? Colourful, creative and fun. I rarely use a restricted colour palette. Colour lifts my mood and completely draws me into a project. 

Did your distinctive style happen over time or was it immediate when you started crocheting? I think my style has grown over the years and continues to grow and change. It’s not a conscious thing; it just happens organically, by trying out new things and new yarns. I'm really interested in free-form crochet and the idea of using different weights of yarn and texture in the one project.

Are you good at all the crafts you’ve tried? I think I'm a reasonably crafty person and usually pick up new things fairly quickly. If I love the craft, I tend to get quite involved and love to have all the bits and bobs that go with it. I used to do stained glass, so of course had to have lots of design books, plenty of glass and grinding machines etc.

What sorts of crafts do you avoid like the plague? Probably sewing. I don't mind a bit of hand sewing occasionally, but actually getting out the sewing machine can be a form of torture for me. I don't really know why. I used to be quite good at it in my teen years. I hold in high esteem all those patchworkers and machine quilters out there.

Other than crocheting, how do you like to spend your time? Spare time is a rare thing for me at the moment. Running my yarn shop seems to be a 24/7 role. Even on a very quiet day, there’s always so much to do. I have two teenage boys, and any other bits of spare time are often used up running them around.

Is your crocheting a great diversion from tasks you’d prefer to avoid (eg: housework)? OMG! Did you write this question just for me?? The answer is “always”. Housework comes a poor second to almost everything else in my life at the moment. I have a very understanding family.

If the good fairy granted you three wishes, what would you like them to be? Yarn, more yarn and a time machine to make more time so I could use all the yarn.

Do you listen to music or watch TV while you crochet? What do you like to listen to/watch? Almost all of my crochet time is in front of the TV at night. I've been binge-watching the Vikings series lately. But when it all gets too violent, I can't concentrate on my crochet. 

How many crocheted pieces do you think you have created since you first started with this craft? Many blankets, cushions, scarves and countless flowers. I've crocheted many, many things, but somehow it always seems not enough. I think I’d need 10 lifetimes to make all the things I wish to make.

Robyn Hicks, Yummy Yarn and co, Dubbo, NSW –


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