Caroline Adams

Why this particular craft? Sewing just makes sense to me. It quietens my mind and makes me feel good. It also makes me feel connected to my late mother, as she was a fantastic seamstress and knitter. And sewing for kids is lots of fun.

Have you tried plenty of others? I’ve always been crafty, my Dad having once described me as an “indoor girl”. I’ve made earrings and done lots card-making, knitting, crochet, cross stitch, leatherwork, kids’ party theming and baking in the past, but sewing was always MY main craft.

Why this skill – and this style? Garment sewing, in particular, is what I’m drawn to most. Kids’ clothes are fun and quick and easy to make. You can be creative with fabrics, trims and motifs and not have to worry too ch about all the fitting issues.

What are your favourite materials to work with? I love working with denim, linen, cottons, lawns and voiles. Silks drive me a bit crazy. I’m also learning to work with leather and am enjoying the raw

Who taught you your crafting skills? My mother and grandmother were fantastic seamstresses and knitters. I grew up with the sound of the sewing machine buzzing, scissors cutting fabric and knitting needles click-clacking. I started sewing at 10 years of age, to join in with my mother. She very sadly passed away when I was 12, and one way I continue to feel connected to her is through sewing. I’m often found having a chat with her at my sewing machine!

What does this craft mean to you? Sewing means the world to me. It has got me through some tough times in my life, and I’ve only just realised in the last few years that I can’t function without sewing.

Is it hard to find time to do it or is it a profession? While I do teach sewing and organise sewing events, I find it hard to find time to sew for myself. I have grand plans for a fabulous handmade wardrobe but time and life gets in the way.

From where do you draw inspiration? Instagram is a fairly new medium for me but one that is totally inspirational. I love to see what people are making and with what fabric. I’m more aware of new products and fabrics because of it, too. I love that you can search a pattern name in the hashtags to see it in many different variations before purchasing the pattern or choosing fabric, it’s very helpful.

Do you teach your skills to others? My main business is teaching adults and kids to sew. I just love seeing people’s confidence grow with just one lesson. My favourite moment of all my lessons was when a delightful little nine-year-old student looked at me with a big smile on her face and said, “I am so proud of myself!” My heart exploded with love and pride.

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Caroline Adams



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