Winter Patterns

Winter Patterns: Keeping Warm with Cosy PROJECT

As the winter months approach we feel the temperature dropping. In some areas of Australia the temperature is certainly dropping faster than in others, but we feel it nonetheless! We here at Cosy PROJECT aren’t dreading the season. We’re looking forward to nights in, enjoyed with a warm drink and a cosy blanket, and new winter patterns to work on.

At the crux of enjoying winter is being able to keep warm. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite new winter patterns to keep you busy these cooler nights and warm these cooler days!

Cute Crochet Cap

Winter Patterns - Cute Crochet Cap

The Cute Crochet Cap, designed by Jo Sharp, offers protection from the elements, and makes a lovely gift for a friend. The pattern requires crocheting experience, yet offers a wonderful opportunity to enhance your skills.

Try the Cute Crochet Cap pattern today

Autumn Winds Scarf

Winter Patterns - Autumn Winds Scarf

The Autumn Winds Scarf, designed by Deirdre Bond-Abel, similarly offers protection from the elements. The pattern relies on applique however the stitching is very straightforward. Felted wool doesn’t fray, so the applique shapes don’t need to be turned under!

Find the pattern here

Comforting Chequered Cushions

Winter Patterns - Comforting Chequered Cushions

The Comforting Chequered Cushions, designed by Jo Sharp, feature a chequer pattern of cable and reverse stocking stitch. They also feature a garter stitch border. The pattern is perfect for knitters hoping to perfect their cable stitch. The resulting cushions will provide the perfect winter comfort.

Start the Comforting Chequered Cushions pattern today

Children’s Floral and Embellished Intarsia Sweater

Winter Patterns - Children's Everyday Sweater

The Children’s Floral and Embellished Intarsia Sweater, designed by Jo Sharp, features a floral design. The sweater is worked in intarsia and embellished with French knots, and chain and embroidery stitches. The pattern is perfect for knitters hoping to extend their knitting skills. It is suitable for everyday wear. It will also work in any colour palette.

Find the pattern here

‘Clan McCrochet’ Crochet Rug

Winter Patterns - 'Clan Mccrochet' Crochet Rug

The Clan McCrochet Crochet Rug, designed by Sue Pinner, will keep you warm this winter. The Macleod Harris Tweed inspired the rug. It accordingly features tartan patterning and incorporates a blend of blues and greens overlaid with red and mustard stripes.

Try the Clan McCrochet Crochet Rug pattern today


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