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Welcome to my Workroom: Missy Luukkonen

The message from MISSY LUUKKONEN is enjoy life and creativity. The mood of her studio is happiness and vitality. Her colour choices are vivid and uplifting. Come step over her threshold and soak up her sense of positivity. By Susan Hurley “It’s bright and happy! I am all about rainbows and sunshine.” This is the […]

Ann Wood

Welcome to Ann Wood’s Workroom

Geographically ambiguous, hauntingly beautiful and the hub of artistic industry. Ann Wood’s moody blue surroundings foster remarkable creativity and provide shelter for her and her dolls and soft animal sculptures – By Susan Hurley   Here’s a little guessing game for you: Where would you find this studio space? Bet you go straight for Victorian […]


Welcome to Mandy O’Sullivan’s Workroom

Looks like left looks right for this particular crochet designer! Meet AMANDA O’SULLIVAN, of REDAGAPE,  in her bright and brilliant shed studio. A few country yarns to be had here, along with high style and creativity. By Susan Hurley “My style is clean, bright, colourful and ‘yarny’.” “I feel like the luckiest crafter on the […]

Ingrid Van Willenswaard 3

Welcome to Ingrid van Willenswaard’s Workroom

Handcrafts alone can make you go all warm and fuzzy, but wait till you combine them with the world’s cutest house/stitching studio. Ingrid van Willenswaard is a knitter, crocheter, artist and blogger and the happy occupant of the sweetest, tiniest, timber cottage in beautiful Amsterdam. She opens her doors to Homespun readers. By Susan Hurley […]

Jennifer Corkish

Jennifer Corkish, Her Work and Her Upcoming Sea Change

The term sea change couldn’t be more fitting for the future of quilter Jennifer Corkish, who is moving from the Southern Highlands to the south coast of NSW. I spoke with Jennifer about plans for her new studio and how the new house will affect her creative process. By Caroline Adams. Those looking for a […]

Ali Phillips

Crafter Ali Phillips Invites us Inside her Workspace

The chemistry’s just got to be right when sorting out the perfect studio space. Ali Phillips, science-student-turned-crafter, experimented with design and practicalities until she concocted the perfect formula. By Susan Hurley. There’s real science behind Ali Phillips’ stitching and studio space. Why is it so? Because she exchanged periodic tables for work tables and chemical compounds […]

Samantha Dorn Design Wall

Build a Quilt Design Wall for your Workspace

If you can’t stand back and see your planned configuration of quilt blocks, how can you judge the balance and symmetry? Build yourself a quilt design wall, and the problem vanishes. But how do you go about it? Samantha Dorn shows you, step by easy step. ­­ A design wall is a fabulous tool for […]

Margeaux Davis

Welcome to Margeaux Davis’s Workroom

MARGEAUX DAVIS’S ideas run wild on a lush property in regional NSW. Margeaux Davis invites us to explore her magical surroundings and treasure-trove workroom, where her fabric dolls and animals are ‘born’. By Janai Velez Nestled between rolling green hills, cow paddocks and macadamia farms is Margeaux Davis’s creative sanctuary – a 100-year-old house, which […]


Welcome to Louise O’Hara’s Workroom

Lived-in and loved, Louise O’Hara’s workroom is used every day and packed with personal and professional collections, art supplies and an ever-changing gallery of artworks. By Janai Velez When mixed-media artist Louise O’Hara shared a workroom with her husband (who also works from home), he had to climb over her paintings while trying to get […]


Welcome to Heidi Polcyn’s Workroom

With a pin on Pinterest as the starting point and lots of (little) helping hands, Heidi Polcyn created a sewing space that’s compact, but with plenty of room to play. By Janai Velez A stylish, functional and kid-friendly sewing area in 10 square metres may sound like a bit of a squeeze. But with vertical […]