Jennifer Corkish

Jennifer Corkish, Her Work and Her Upcoming Sea Change

The term sea change couldn’t be more fitting for the future of quilter Jennifer Corkish, who is moving from the Southern Highlands to the south coast of NSW. I spoke with Jennifer about plans for her new studio and how the new house will affect her creative process. By Caroline Adams. Those looking for a […]

Ali Phillips

Crafter Ali Phillips Invites us Inside her Workspace

The chemistry’s just got to be right when sorting out the perfect studio space. Ali Phillips, science-student-turned-crafter, experimented with design and practicalities until she concocted the perfect formula. By Susan Hurley. There’s real science behind Ali Phillips’ stitching and studio space. Why is it so? Because she exchanged periodic tables for work tables and chemical compounds […]

Samantha Dorn Design Wall

Build a Quilt Design Wall for your Workspace

If you can’t stand back and see your planned configuration of quilt blocks, how can you judge the balance and symmetry? Build yourself a quilt design wall, and the problem vanishes. But how do you go about it? Samantha Dorn shows you, step by easy step. ­­ A design wall is a fabulous tool for […]

Karen Roark

Karen Roark welcomes you to her Workroom

Childhood summers of making projects for country fairs combined with an interior-architecture degree are reflected in KAREN ROARK’s bright and cheery craft room. Warm country meets contemporary pizazz. By Janai Velez No detail is overlooked in Karen Roark’s crafty corner of the world – from the neatly stacked fabrics in crates to the thread-filled jars […]

Cosy Project easy to make pincushion

How To: Make this Gorgeous Pincushion Pattern in Six Simple Steps!

Martina Bahre, co-founder of Brisbane’s Ava & Neve, has created this wonderful hooped, Liberty print pincushion pattern. Make your own in just six easy steps! Everyone needs a cute little something in their sewing room to bring the space to life. I have a nasty way of popping the pins between my lips while I’m busy […]


6 Fun Ways to Conquer & Calm Crazed Bobbins

Who isn’t familiar with runaway bobbins? Bobbins trailing ever-lengthening loose threads? Bobbins thrown in drawers to fight it out amongst themselves? Tangles of bobbin tresses that can reduce you to tears? We’re here to show you 6 easy and creative sanity-saving solutions! A Moat of Bobbins You can always count on Karen Way, of Sew […]

In The Studio Jemima Flendt

Step Inside the Workroom of Jemima Flendt

Jemima Flendt is one of Homespuns 2017 Block of the Month designers and we’ve invited ourselves into her home and studio, to see just how Jemima manipulated her homes’ architectural plans to wangle herself a dream workroom! A Family Tradition Jemima Flendt comes from a creative lot, going back generations. Now, she’s now passing her skills and knowledge […]


10 Tips for a More Functional Sewing Space

Allie Olson has turned a small second bedroom in her rental house into her dream workroom and sewing space. And she’s happy to share her tidy-up tips with Cosy PROJECT to show you how, with a few strokes of her magic organisational wand, she’s turned clutter into calm and frightful into functional. For some time […]