Cosy Project easy to make pincushion

How To: Make this Gorgeous Pincushion Pattern in Six Simple Steps!

Martina Bahre, co-founder of Brisbane’s Ava & Neve, has created this wonderful hooped, Liberty print pincushion pattern. Make your own in just six easy steps!

Pincushion pattern

Everyone needs a cute little something in their sewing room to bring the space to life. I have a nasty way of popping the pins between my lips while I’m busy stitching. To break this habit, I created the petite hoop Liberty pincushion pattern. Let me show you how I went about it.

Pincushion Pattern

What you need:

  • Small embroidery hoop – I used a 3in design
  • Corkboard – I already had an old cork piece from Ikea, but stiff cardboard will also work
  • Fat 1/16th of fabric – we have used Emma & Georgina G Liberty Art Fabrics
  • Fiber fill
  • Hot glue gun
  • Rotary Cutter
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Ruler
  • Pins of choice

Pincushion pattern what you need

Step 1

Separate the pieces of the embroidery hoop and lay the inner hoop (the one without the fastener) on the back side of the cork and trace the inside circle twice. Try to angle the pen to get as accurate a tracing as possible. Cut out both circles. If you are using cardboard, trace one inside and one of the outside perimeter and cut out.

Step 2

On a piece of newspaper or plastic sheeting lay the inner hoop with the cork inside. If your cork has cardboard on the back like mine, have the cork side flush with the table. This is what is going to catch the pins. Use the hot glue gun to secure the edges of the cork to the hoop.

Step 3

Loosen the outer hoop with the fastener and place the fabric over the top. Begin stuffing it with large handfuls of fiber fill. Once at your desired capacity put the inner hoop back in place with the cork side down.

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Pincushion Pattern
Steps 3 and 4

Step 4

Pull the fabric taught while tightening the hoop fastener.

Step 5

Trim the excess fabric, leaving approx. 1- 1.5in circumference, and fold into the middle.

Pincushion Pattern
Step 5

Step 6

With the remaining circle piece place glue all over and slide it into the middle of the hoop, enclosing the excess fabric.

Pincushion Pattern
Step 6
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