Quick Stitch: Create your own Pyramid Corner Bookmarks by Staci Wendland

Quick Stitch: Create your own Pyramid Corner Bookmarks by Staci Wendland


Staci Wendland’s page-pyramid corner bookmarks add handmade charm to books bought as gifts. They’re made in minutes from just a few scraps of fabric but will be used and appreciated again and again.


What you need:

  • Three squares, 10cm (4in) of cotton fabric
  • Two squares, 10cm (4in) of fusible interfacing
  • General sewing supplies

  1. Cut one square of interfacing in half on the diagonal and save one triangle for your next bookmark. Fuse the other triangle to the wrong side of the fabric you want for the corner of the bookmark and the whole square to the wrong side of the fabric you want to face the front of the corner.hsp1801_quick-stitch-4-copy2. Fold the half-interfaced square in half along the edge of the interfacing and press well. Staci fussy cut her square so a fox would be on the triangle.3.With right sides facing up, place the folded square over the top interfaced square with the top and right raw edges level.4. With right sides together, pin the remaining square for the back over the square-triangle unit as shown.5. Machine stitch around the square with 1/4in seam, leaving an opening of 4cm (11/2in) on one side. Clip the corners diagonally.6.Turn the square right side out and push the corners out carefully. Fold the edges of the opening in and press the square flat.hsp1801_quick-stitch-9-copy7. Machine stitch 1/8in from the edge of the square, closing the opening at the same time. Slide a gift card inside or slip it onto a book. It’s so quick you could make a whole library of them!


About Staci Wendland, of Crafty Staci

Staci Wendland is the creative powerhouse behind the Crafty Staci website, where you can find hundreds of tutorials for useful and fun projects. It is definitely worth exploring.

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