Robyn Hicks Wall Hanging Feature

Meet Designers Natashia Curtin and Robyn Hicks

Be inspired by our truly amazing Cosy PROJECT designers and contributors! This week we meet Natashia Curtin from Smee Designs, and Robyn Hicks from Yummy Yarn and Co!

Natashia Curtin

Natashia Curtin
Designer and Cosy PROJECT contributor Natashia Curtin

On stitching…

“Stitching is also an awesome mechanism for getting out of washing the floor as often as I should.”

My personal style is…

“Diva cockatoos, happy fat people with big ears and no eyebrows, vacuumed cats, Santa falling off a roof after too many egg-nogs and echidnas covered in marshmallows. Every now and again, I behave myself and do a ‘straight’ design – but I do love a giggle, even if stitching hasn’t historically been a comedic art form.”

Natashia Curtin Quilt

Make Natashia’s gorgeous Are You Bugging Me? Quilt

I’ve learned…

  • A 40-year-old sewing machine without a walking foot cannot cope with heavy wool blanket batting. It will die a horrible death, right in the middle of your first project.
  • Pins and toddlers don’t mix.
  • You can’t grab an iron that’s falling off your ironing board.
  • Never give a toddler a packet of seed beads to shake to keep them occupied.
  • Chocolate can help keep you awake, but it’s a cow to get out of blanket stitching.

My workroom is…

“On a good day, I can walk in the room. On a not-so-good day, I have to clear a path first. You are NEVER going to see my work space featured in a magazine. EVER!”

I would never make…

“Toilet-roll dolls. WHY was that a thing? Who thought ‘I know, a plastic doll with nylon knitted skirt will look good in a toilet!’?”

Natashia Curtin Book Bag

Check out Natashia’s lovely From Cover to Cover Book Bag

Robyn Hicks

Robyn Hicks
Designer and Cosy PROJECT contributor Robyn Hicks

On crochet…

“Crochet means the world to me. It’s my forever craft and my meditation. I love, love, love it.”

My personal style is…

“Colourful, creative and fun. Colour lifts my mood and completely draws me into a project.”

Robyn Hicks Blanket

Browse our crochet patterns here!

On starting crochet…

“I rediscovered my love for crochet after a 10-year break. One day, I just Googled the word ‘crochet’.  Wow! what a world it opened up for me.”

On finding time…

“I thought that having a yarn shop [Yummy Yarn and Co, in Dubbo, NSW] would give me more time to crochet but I was wrong.  I still do most of my crochet at night time in front of the TV.  I’ve been binge-watching the Vikings series lately. When it gets too violent, I can concentrate on my crochet.”

Robyn Hicks Wall Hanging

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