Cool Tools for Patchwork and Quilting

Cool Tool’s for Patchwork and Quilting

This page is devoted to bringing you all the trusted old favourites and brand new tool/s to the patchwork and quilting market.

Udderly Smooth

This tool has long been favoured by sewers as its non-greasy formula doesn’t leave residue on fabric and threads and doesn’t stain.


Create the perfect tool bag for all your sewing accessories!

The Purple Thang

This handy little tool pulls, pushes, pokes, stuffs and turns. Thread a ribbon through it and wear it around your neck. You’ll find even more uses for this handy thang. This tool is available The Stitchers Cupboard.


Practise a variety of different embroidery stitches with this lovely embroidered cushion pattern from Vicki Porter!

Seams So Easy

Adhere this seam guide by Lori Holt to the bed of your sewing machine. Following the set-up steps, the plastic flower is positioned on the bed of your sewing machine and then the centre line on the flower is lined up with your needle, making 1/4in seams a breeze, whether you’re joining strips, squares, rectangles or triangles!

For full instructions on how to use this tool – Seams So Easy, visit


Create a pretty, traditional-style flower embroidery brooch with Dorothy Addlem’s embroidery pattern

Bloc-Loc Ruler

This tool allows you to trim units with a seam confidently thanks to the handy channel that locks onto the seam of the pieced unit, eliminating ruler rock. This tool comes in a range of sizes and shapes.


Brush up on your quilting skills with expert-led online classes


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Happy Stitching! 

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